Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Final Words......

October 2, 2012

dont worry about the world. Do your thing... but if I could change one thing about my mission it would be less worldly distractions.

October 8, 2012

WOW. It is finished! i love you all, I hope all of you are good. I love everyone of you, has been a long long worth while two years. see you Thursday. Elder Scroggins

Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 weeks to go

dear family.

reading in the scriptures this week in leviticus 8:6-8 i learned that we need to wash ourselves, get rid of all ungodliness and then we can put the breastplate on. the breastplate of righteousness as the scripture in D&C talk about and only after that can we receive revelation. we need to be washed with righteousness and then we get the urim and thumin. the right to revelation.

happy birthday to me!!!!!! i love you all. thanks for all the love and support. hope that jon straightens up my room before he leaves... joking around with some members here he told us that one of the biggest blessings he received from his son being out on a mission is more space in the house. i am in st kitts right now. i am not sure what i am doing for the rest of the mission. president has speculated sending me back to puerto rico but so far nothing. hope i can still speak spanish at home. i love you all thanks for the support. keep on having fun in life because i have found out that if i didn't enjoy the mission then i probably wont enjoy life at home either. but i love life here. so hopefully i will enjoy it at home.

love elder scroggins

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Have Fallen In Love....

I have fallen in love, but no worries, it is with the mission. The opportunity I have everyday to wear the name of Jesus Christ. I am not looking forward to the end but as I end my tenure as a full time missionary for the Lord I realize the importance and the magnitude of the title Elder. Wow. It's a crazy full time responsibility. I love being out here and in Dominica. It is hot... but no matter the circumstances it is cool to see people dressed up with a white shirt and a tie going to church. i know the preisthood is God's authority on the earth to work in the salvation of man. I love being here on the mission.

Hurricane Issac - August 27, 2012

so yeah hurricane issac was all talk no action. except for the talk delayed our flight to antigua but now all is well. we are out here teaching people just trying to keep these little braches afloat. antigua is probably the strongest of the 6 island branches we have. they have youth and seminary and insittute so it sweert to see all these people participating in the lords living church. they have fireball testimonies of the book of mormon. i love it. i head to dominica on wednesday. Hope the flight is not cancelled becasue of another storm. happy birthday to all that have birthdays this week or tomorrow and aug 31. feliz cuplianos. i love you all. i hope you keep on keeping. on. with a smile on.

some of the struggles i am having now is how to have district meeting with 6 different companionships that are 300 miles away form each other. probably going to be skype but shoot that is a long time on the computer.
dear family,

i love you all. i am here in puerto rico. it has been a tough week becasue i dont have an area. along with my zone. wqe are here til furthur notice. its mine and elder perez (my new comp) i love him. its our job to set up a =lan about how the missionaries should be on the islands. it is something like a break from the islands for a bit and me and lelder perez go island to island talking ot the senior coulples about tthe missoinary work. i know you will serve missions some day. mom and dad. It is all about teaching them the doctrine. i love this place. the plan now is i will spend 7 more weeks on the mission. one week on every island and the last week in puerto rico. i love teaching the gospel to people. i now that this is where god wants me to be. i hope all of you are well. SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! yeah that was me preaching. but seriously do it. just keep on being a good example and be happy. well. hasta la vista baby.

elder scroggins


A Regular Jet Setter

and just when we thought we knew where he might be.............off to St. Croix now.

Brian created his own greeting card.  Very talented boy.

A Ton of Ties

This week was good. Baptized Anthony and his son. He is stoked about the priesthood. He loves church. He's always late for church, also 20 min late for his baptism. but all is good. he still got baptized. also taught a bunch of people this week. learned about not judging people. sorry this email is short. i appreciate the package. and the white shirts. definitely a nice thing you guy are doing. I appricate all the tender love and care. I thank you for all you do and will do in the future. the future scares me. so much unknown. what is going to set me apart? guess that is why we just got to better ourselves everyday. I am scared to come home but I know I need to. haha I miss you all. keep me in the prayers. don't buy jon any ties. ill send him a ton. I have a ton.

love elder scroggins

tell everyone I love them.

I got to visit tortola this week. sweet deal. but the usvi's are sweeter.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures of Elder Scroggins

Dear family. I've got to get me one of these ipads. It has been a great week of my mission so far. We are super close to baptizing anthony and his son so happy day all is well. His wife is still a hot mess but no fears Anthony is a rock. He is scheduled to be dipped on Saturday. Hey when are we coming back to puerto Rico/stthomas? Let me know. I definitely want to go home for a bit but I want to come back here. I'm saving my pennies . This week was branch conference here on the rock so president came itno the island on Thursday to interview, etc. He's the stake president here because it is under the mission. He came here with his family. Him and the three kids and sister A. So more or less they stole our car on Thursday and we have been on bikes since then. It hasn't been as bad as I described but just sharing a car/driving them around the island. On Saturday Elder Beckstead and I made cookies and dropped them and a poem off at the hotel for them. I wrote the poem and essentially it was pretty good. They all got a good kick out of it. I like writing poetry. Btw did you see the card I sent to grandpa and grandma? Better then hallmark. But the Alvarado's wanted to pay us back for it so last night we were able to have them come over to our apartment for us and cook some good ol p-ricin food. Super good. They stayed and chatted for about three hours -- definitely a cool experience. They are cool people, President has dry humor just like dad. But they left and left their iPad here so that is why I have it right now. I am headed to st croix and tortola this week on assignments so that will be cool. I love you all. Never stop Believing. I got to give the pad to my comp now but I love and need you all. St Thomas is fruitful. My third month on a roll baptizing. Sure Jon will have more so enjoy them. The peruvians I speak to are super nice. A sister from my MTC group was peruvian. Sister Ghersi. Anywho....adios, aurivior, al vetesain

Summer Camp

Dear mom, camp is great. We are having a ton of success here on St Thomas. It is great out here. I am actually writing you from the Presidents ipad. He left it over here at our apartment last night . We had dinner with him and his family last night. I appreciate the email. And all the updates. I love it out here. The mission is fun. I know that this is a good learning place. It doesn't thunder and lightning here as good as back home but it's all good. That is one thing Vegas always has. I love you a ton. I hope that all is well. Funny story abut Andrew. I got that package too, thank you. FYI I really appreciate the shirts. They smell like dad. Haha I love you and the candy and harmonica was great fun. Thanks for all.

Love elder Scroggins

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keep the Boys Hair Cut

.................... these kids were funny, the ones we baptized. a boy and a girl. this is why you should cut your hair if you are a boy.
we have a german lady in our ward. bless her heart she went to pic up these kids for church on late notice. the kids get in her car and she says "oh what beautiful ladies"
the daughter says "he's a boy"
the german lady didn't believe her for like 5 minutes.
at the baptism some of the people were asking them if they were excited for young womens.
ugh that would stink.
we are working with anthony now. the people out here are nice. i love them puerto ricans. just that hispanic feel to them. but i love st thomas too. president says im out here the rest of my missoin. well we will see if that is true or if i leave next week. i love you all thanks for the love and support. i made a list of all my young mens leaders i want to you to tell thanks for me. i didnt bring it. but i'll mail it home and i want you to tell them thanks.
i love you all
love elder scroggins

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

The Best Email

James Scroggins brian.scroggins@myldsmail.net
Jun 11

to me
mom i love you. thanks for all that you do and for being  that what God asked you to be.
love charly bucket

A Note To President Alvarado

Dear Presidennt Alvarado,
great talking to you today. thanks for lunch. it was great. thoughts on our conversation today were about that lasting spiritual impressions that will carry us through to the next level. my dad always speaks about that. he had one of those that let him know that it is real. that that is what will help us go through life stong.
some people read the scriputures to see how they can apply them in thier lives. i like to read them sometimes to see how i  have lived these gospel principles in my life. or to see when i have made the worng choice. i will do better on that bible challange. i need to get preach my gospel down better so i can help others after the mission.

........and my favorite mission president quote. "don't follow me, i'm from ponce"

God leads the camp. God of israel.

i love you president and sister alvarado. i told my dad to call. he loves y'all

love elder scroggins

Missionary Service Extended :) or :(

dear family.
president alvarado came ot visit us this morning. great to see his smiling face. he came ot visit with sister alvarado. they let me know that i am going to e staying in the missoin until november 5th. so yeahhhh..... thats the plan. nov 5th. the mission is great. i love it. i was also called to be the zoneleader of the islands. i am not usre if that means i am going ot be with elder hargadon for longer or move to another area. the mission is sweet. grace is sufficent. i got a coupl ethings i need to ask for. my shirts are yellow. presidnet alvarado asked if you coul dsend me some new shirts like 4-5 of them. also a book by brad wilcox called the continuous atonement.
i love you all. thanks for al lthat you do. the atonement is real. just got to make the desion to follow christ right now. i love you all. just get better. just be the best you you can be. i know tha tthe church is true. i cannot really tingk too much this week. but i know i need to be out here. it is good. got to get some more journal expiences to propel my life. i love you all.
love elder scroggins


What are your thoughts this week?
Did you move to another island?
Did you have any investigators in church this week?
Any words of wisdom for your family?
How's President Alvarado?
Have you been teaching primary again?
What great plans do you have for today?
Any basketball playing lately?
You are a great missionary. Tomorrow is Sunday....I get to walk by your missionary plaque and know you're well and taken care of.
We love you Elder!
Enjoy your P day.

James Scroggins <brian.scroggins@myldsmail.net>Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:51 PM
To: Barbara Scroggins <barbarascroggins@gmail.com>
well. i ot your letter today. thanks for the love and the thoghts always is apricatetive. dont want to come home. dad makes it sound bad. just kidding but seriously.
one the same island.
one investigator at church
no wisdom for you
he is good. i think
no primary
going to mutual tonight
basket ball yesterday


i love you all. all is well. just trying ot study preach my gospel. i love you all. hope school is good. almost done. so fast and so slow. i know it is true. love you all
letter to president:
elder gines (an elder who startede the missoin with me and hargadon) came out to visit us on the islands. It was such an honor having Elder Gines come to visit for a couple of days. i loved it. and i love him. Me him and elder hargadon all set up more goals for the upcoming months to help us become more in tune with what the lord wants from us these last few months. i love elder gines. i set goals such as studying the lessons more indepth. chapter 3 as a whole from Preach my Gosepl. i also learned this week that it doesnt matter when i get up or if i take a nap. i will always be tired. so i have started getting up at 530 to learn. i am studying the priesthood and the atonement two things i want to know more about when i go home. i know that will help me with my life and all the endevors i undertake. i guess the real challange for me will be to complete the goals i have set for myself these last few months. i have made plans or goals my whole missoin but i have not been the best at follow through. so i am going to try and keep on reporting my progress to you and elder gines and hargadon. i love them. they work hard.

we were able to pick elder gines up at the airport on saturday and go to pizza right after words. we left and as we were walking to the car we talked to a man. he yell out at us and them we hear him say to someone on the phone. "youre not going to believe this, i'll call you back" then he gets out of the car and talks to us. explains that he was just talking to his neice about the church. she had just been baptized. he is going through with some hard things right now. i hope this appointment goes well. this story isn't over yet. it will be continued, si Dios quiere.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camp is Great!

dear mom and dad,
camp is great. they just moved us again. came back to the big island of pr last week for a meeting. at the meeting they decided or we decided to change pday to monday. that is why today is monday. and i am making an email. i love you all. just here. in luquillo puerto rico. actually we live in fajardo. that is where i am making the email at. i should and can say organizing the email because essentially that is all we are doing when we are making something. not making it just organizing material. intersting stuff in the (D&C) well. it is great here. president Alvarado IS a great man. love him. love you both too. i am in luquillo. a branch of 25 people, with a family from the US visiting so normally 20 people. there are bigger wards just havent been in a ward for some time now. just got to get this show rolling. they havent had misssionaries in luquillo in 2 1/2 years. so the feild is white. got to get the members to help us do this thing. i love them already they are ready to work and that is good. so i am luckily and on the island rotation. which means one month in puerto rico one month in st thomas. this is because president wants us to be a shadow leader. help the branch, not do it for the branch. we go to the area, find investigators, teach them, and then give them to the senior couples to teach with the branch members. the church is struggling here. just looking for a couple strong future preisthood holders. we need to get grandpas and grandmas down here to be missionaries. its super fun. senior missionaires can snorkle and doo everything. (president alvarado wanted me to try and recruit them for puerto rico) haha but i do love you all. my compaion is elder arancibia from chile. he is sweet. funny kid.  Jesus the Christ is a great book. i dont understand half the word in it but it is a great book to study. also the book of mormon. mormon chapter 9. miracles. wow great stuff. would be a miracle if i got married so i hope they still happen. i love you all. thanks for the talk from president packer. and tell andrwew thanks for the in and out stickers. i will send the memory card home soonish. let me know about jons mission call. have him wait til mothers day so i can watch him open it via skype. i love you all.
i hope you are all having a great march 12th and happy birthday mom. i will get you a better present next year. i am waNTING TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY THO. YOU CAN WEAR THE honorary dreadlock rasta hat. 
i love you
love elder scroggins

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virgin Islands

view from my apartment

Remembering those who made Elder Scroggins

just at the airport. hope all is well. i love you all. the mission is great. just a lot of changes just like life i suppose. i love the lord. i know the church is true and that my heavenly father loves me just as much as he loves each and everyone one of you. i hope you are all well. the gospel really does make bad men good and good men better. 

tell all my previous leaders they are amazing; including but not limited to sanders ivies mendenhalls, justin taylor, houston benites eric humphreys, you and dad, roger pearson, cowleys, yep and everyone else williams (todd) waldrons, lowes, medinas, and i hope all is well in zion. if its not -- well make it. i love you all.

love elder scroggins

Back to Puerto Rico

this week has been good. we head out to san juan today. well not both of us. our trails split up here. i head to san juan to have meeting with president.  elder smoot heads to antigua. i wish i was him. i want to visit all lthe islands. this week i made a to do list and a to be list. to do includes but is not limited to, throwing the first pitch in a major league game, being a rm, getting married, etc. to be's include: patient, fortunate (right place right time), punctual. those kinds of things. the mission is great. got some investigators. the senor couples will do the baptizing and finish the detals of that when we head back to puerto rico. got to learn the rest of my spanish. it will be great. i love the lord/my comp/president alvarado.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Brother In Law

hey. hope all is well in the land of israel. i love you brandon. there i said it. everyone can witness it. i said it.

elder scroggins

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zone Conference

president alvarado had a teriffic zone conference. we flew to zone conference in st kitts. great zone conference.  Just reiterating what dad has told me my whole life. cant come home and grow a beard. or wear a blue shirt. or have one button undone. leave the old man of sin and be a rm. not a ex-missionary. it was also about preparing for your release. and teaching doctrine.  so much more in the journal.  Thanks for everything.

Love you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


dear family,
how are you all doing this wonderful valentines day weekend. i hope all is well with you today. we had the opportunity to eat dinner at the house of an American family last night for valentines day. the Day Family. we showed up there and ate chineese food and then wathced the john tanner movie. im not sure if you have seen that movie before. you should watch it, if you haven't. it is a good movie about the law of consecration. we then ate fondu and had a "gay ol time" just like the flintstones. i love that we have american families here on the island with us. they are very hospitable and makes it seem a little bit like home. how are the missionaries doing back home. 
we are doing good here on the island of st tommys but we got news that we will have zone conference in st kitts this weekend and that really is cool until this morning. the senior missionaries gave us our flight itinerary for the flight this weekend and it also had the reciept on it. $800 dollars for me and elder smoot to fly to st kitts for a mission conference.. dang i hope i am making the best out of the Lord's investment. i appreciate all that you (the parents) do for me out here on the mission. i also know it is a sacfrifice to have a family so i appreiciate that as well. you are great parents and i just love these expierences becasue it makes me think. what more can i do to make sure that this usage of money from the church is worth it. i know it is true. i know that the book of mormon is true and that has a lot of strings attached to it so go to make sure we are sold on it first. i am sold on it. i got a long way to go and a lot of room for mistakes but i know that i CAN do it becasue of the savior Jesus Christ who came to this earth and sank below all so that we all can rise up. His death was important but would not have meant anything if he did not raise from the grave 3 days later.  i love you all. take care of the missionaries and each other. happy valentines day. good ol st valentines day.  i love you all.
love elder scroggins
ps i loved that davinci quote and alsot that scritpure in 3 john 1:4

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear Family,
Well how do i tell you this? I had a couple of options. I was just going to go use my crdit card a couple of different places so mom got a call from wells fargo. or maybe i could have to look up the FBI's top 10 most dangerous place list of 2011 at number 7. or  i could just tell you. Me and Elder smoot got moved to a new area
President Alvarado gave us a call last Sunday and told us to pack. I already had but Smoot packed his bags and we got told we needed to be in the mission office at 9 the next morning. So we packed. President then called us the next morning to tell us where we were going. Flight left at 11. Small 8 person plane. 45 minute ride. to st thomas. Spanish. English. French? so i got ot learn me a little bit of that now.Got a sweet view of the harbor. all these cruise ships every day. blue waters. talking bout Jesus Christ and the Book of mormon everyday. i love it.
I can only count to ten in french and say hello my name is... but i will be asking everyone in the street for some french because almost everyone here speaks french, criole, spanish and english. and then some crazy island dialect. it is great. got people form perisa, iran, couple of muslim moscs. i love the islands. thanks for your love and support and letting me got to Catalina scout camp when i was younger. and that cruise was sick too.
i love you all. january is so nice here. no cold at all. just a little ocean breeze in the morning.
love elder scroggins

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transfer to ????

presdient called last night and came over to the house to visit. ......... he also let me know that i would not be staying in aguas buenas for another transfer. elder smoot is going to train another missionary so i am am going to move to another area. he wasn't super clear but told me to pack my bags. and get ready to leave today or tomorrow. so we will see. got my bags packed.  thanks for taking care of me.