Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures of Elder Scroggins

Dear family. I've got to get me one of these ipads. It has been a great week of my mission so far. We are super close to baptizing anthony and his son so happy day all is well. His wife is still a hot mess but no fears Anthony is a rock. He is scheduled to be dipped on Saturday. Hey when are we coming back to puerto Rico/stthomas? Let me know. I definitely want to go home for a bit but I want to come back here. I'm saving my pennies . This week was branch conference here on the rock so president came itno the island on Thursday to interview, etc. He's the stake president here because it is under the mission. He came here with his family. Him and the three kids and sister A. So more or less they stole our car on Thursday and we have been on bikes since then. It hasn't been as bad as I described but just sharing a car/driving them around the island. On Saturday Elder Beckstead and I made cookies and dropped them and a poem off at the hotel for them. I wrote the poem and essentially it was pretty good. They all got a good kick out of it. I like writing poetry. Btw did you see the card I sent to grandpa and grandma? Better then hallmark. But the Alvarado's wanted to pay us back for it so last night we were able to have them come over to our apartment for us and cook some good ol p-ricin food. Super good. They stayed and chatted for about three hours -- definitely a cool experience. They are cool people, President has dry humor just like dad. But they left and left their iPad here so that is why I have it right now. I am headed to st croix and tortola this week on assignments so that will be cool. I love you all. Never stop Believing. I got to give the pad to my comp now but I love and need you all. St Thomas is fruitful. My third month on a roll baptizing. Sure Jon will have more so enjoy them. The peruvians I speak to are super nice. A sister from my MTC group was peruvian. Sister Ghersi. Anywho....adios, aurivior, al vetesain

Summer Camp

Dear mom, camp is great. We are having a ton of success here on St Thomas. It is great out here. I am actually writing you from the Presidents ipad. He left it over here at our apartment last night . We had dinner with him and his family last night. I appreciate the email. And all the updates. I love it out here. The mission is fun. I know that this is a good learning place. It doesn't thunder and lightning here as good as back home but it's all good. That is one thing Vegas always has. I love you a ton. I hope that all is well. Funny story abut Andrew. I got that package too, thank you. FYI I really appreciate the shirts. They smell like dad. Haha I love you and the candy and harmonica was great fun. Thanks for all.

Love elder Scroggins