Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zone Conference

president alvarado had a teriffic zone conference. we flew to zone conference in st kitts. great zone conference.  Just reiterating what dad has told me my whole life. cant come home and grow a beard. or wear a blue shirt. or have one button undone. leave the old man of sin and be a rm. not a ex-missionary. it was also about preparing for your release. and teaching doctrine.  so much more in the journal.  Thanks for everything.

Love you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


dear family,
how are you all doing this wonderful valentines day weekend. i hope all is well with you today. we had the opportunity to eat dinner at the house of an American family last night for valentines day. the Day Family. we showed up there and ate chineese food and then wathced the john tanner movie. im not sure if you have seen that movie before. you should watch it, if you haven't. it is a good movie about the law of consecration. we then ate fondu and had a "gay ol time" just like the flintstones. i love that we have american families here on the island with us. they are very hospitable and makes it seem a little bit like home. how are the missionaries doing back home. 
we are doing good here on the island of st tommys but we got news that we will have zone conference in st kitts this weekend and that really is cool until this morning. the senior missionaries gave us our flight itinerary for the flight this weekend and it also had the reciept on it. $800 dollars for me and elder smoot to fly to st kitts for a mission conference.. dang i hope i am making the best out of the Lord's investment. i appreciate all that you (the parents) do for me out here on the mission. i also know it is a sacfrifice to have a family so i appreiciate that as well. you are great parents and i just love these expierences becasue it makes me think. what more can i do to make sure that this usage of money from the church is worth it. i know it is true. i know that the book of mormon is true and that has a lot of strings attached to it so go to make sure we are sold on it first. i am sold on it. i got a long way to go and a lot of room for mistakes but i know that i CAN do it becasue of the savior Jesus Christ who came to this earth and sank below all so that we all can rise up. His death was important but would not have meant anything if he did not raise from the grave 3 days later.  i love you all. take care of the missionaries and each other. happy valentines day. good ol st valentines day.  i love you all.
love elder scroggins
ps i loved that davinci quote and alsot that scritpure in 3 john 1:4