Friday, January 21, 2011

First Transfer

Hola family and friends. How is it going?  Today was transfers and I was 10000 percent sure I was going to stay in the dirty south but I got moved to an area called Caparra.  It is near Bayamon and actually about 1/2 block from the mission home. Good week this week overall.  Transfers were the biggest surprise. We got a call form the zone leaders at 10 last night saying to be in the mission office at 8 this morning with the bags packed. So we were!  It was weird packing everything up...just by throwing it in the bag.  I included a picture with my zone leaders. Good people and I am gonna miss them cuz i am in a new zone now.  We no longer have a car. we are on bikes. I love the mission and thanks for raising me right mom and dad. Hope all is well at home. I love you all. Make good choices. 
con amor elder scroggins

Friday, January 14, 2011

The only natural rain forest in the United States (kinda) - Puerto Rico

 The Elders enjoying the scenery.
 MERRY CHRISTMAS our Elder the hat?
 sporting the wares
 Wouldn't want to see the monkey that goes with that banana.
 This tan would be in complete contrast with Elder Mitchell J. Paul's white wonderland of Russia.  Stay warm Mitchell!  Keep thinking warm thoughts of Merrill Hall and the memories made.

only 21 more Fast Sundays

Hey family, here I am once again writing an email.  Like always, so much to say and not enough time to say it. This week has been rough. It has rained a ton and not too much success. The field is white already to harvest but just takes some time getting to the field I guess. We expected 11 people at church this week but we only had 3. The members are good here. They passed around a calender in Relief Society for feeding the missionaries. I'm glad they did but at the same! that's a ton of food. They deep fry all the meat and put a ton of oil in the rice.  I was going to try and fight the weight but hey, I kinda want to hit 300 pounds on the mission. That would be way cool. haha.   I might have to send ya a pic when i do hit it.  That is crazy how much snow Las Vegas got, too bad Jon didn't get a snow day like I did my senior year. I appreciate all the sport scores, mom and good luck with school dad. I also appreciate all that you do for me. Parowan was way fun. I met someone from Cedar City the other day and realize how much fun Parowan was. Thanks for taking an interest in me. 

The bad thing here is the humidity. I bought a pack of gum and every time i opened a piece of gum it was wet... like someone was chewing it. Nasty! so i might just stick to tic tacs. I love you all and sent you some pictures. Only 21 more fast sundays.
con amor elder scroggins

Saturday, January 1, 2011


 Elder Scroggins and Elder Waldron both from Las Vegas...meeting up at the Provo MTC!  Brotherly Love.
 At the Dominican Republic MTC.....
 and then there's Elder Scroggins
 Ready for the mission field
 Christmas Time.
 The welcoming mat has been laid out in Puerto Rico.
 A few of the missionaries headed to Puerto Rico.
 The "laundry room"
The dryer works really well in Puerto Rico.