Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rededication of missionary work in the area

Dear family-
Following the council/ advice given to us by our mission president, Elder Smoot and I called our branch president and asked him to call his councilors and meet us in the town square in Aguas Buanas the next morning. We arived there at 4 am. shared a few scriptures about how we need to work underneath the keys in the branch.  That we are here as divine missionaries called and set apart by God. They tell us they are fully behind us and we tell them as well. We also make a promise that following the faithfullness of the branch i.e. the willingness to work with the missionaries, the branch will double in size before the end of the year. Then under the direction of the branch president we rededicated the area of Aguas Buenas to the preaching of the gospel and rediedicated our efforts as well.

We left there feeling edified. That afternoon our high councilor came out with us for 5 hours. We taught 2 less active members and also 2 non members. Received refferals form the less actives and set up family home evenings with the families. Really a miracle. That is just one day. In reality we know that we will have our trials but we need to do this as a ward. Last night we left to go visit a few less active members. We have visited them the entire  time while I have been here in Aguas Buenas and nothing has come from it. Always them saying, "Yea, ill come to church" and then not coming. So we decided that this would be the last time, if the did not progress.  We made that desision as a ward with our branch president.

Two beautiful families were taught last night. Now the choice is still theirs. The father of one of the families admited he did not have a testimony of the church but knew it was good. We explained Alma 32 with him about the seed and that he need to be nurturing his seed. His sapling. He need a desire. We talked about how he can have a desire. then I gave a testimony that I can honestly say was not from this world, it came from beyond. I bore testimony about the power we have to call on the POWER OF GOD to help us. and when we are worthy he can BLESS his famliy . I told him that I was very grateful for my fathers. My earthly father who has ALWAYS been worhty to give me a blessing when i needed it, even before i understood what it was. i also explained about our Heavenly Father that gives us the opportunity to recieve blessings but also to GIVE blessings. I then proceeded to explain that I felt promted to ask if he would like a blessing of desire to have help to attend the chruch and to evercome his pride. He said yes. He asked me to give it.

For the first time in my life it was not Elder Scroggins speaking. It was the spirit. I made him promises that honestly will come true if he is faithful to the covenants he has made with the Lord and if he makes more with the Lord,he would be the reason for his parents to join the church. His brothers and sisters. He would be a great leader in the church in Puerto Rico. I left it with him based on his faith and fidelity.

I love this work. I love the Lord. I love my companion and I know the Lord lives and directs his servants.
Thanks for the pics and everything. also facebook status-- "the bike ride home is alot easier when you give out two books of mormon."
love and mercy
elder scroggins