Monday, September 17, 2012

dear family,

i love you all. i am here in puerto rico. it has been a tough week becasue i dont have an area. along with my zone. wqe are here til furthur notice. its mine and elder perez (my new comp) i love him. its our job to set up a =lan about how the missionaries should be on the islands. it is something like a break from the islands for a bit and me and lelder perez go island to island talking ot the senior coulples about tthe missoinary work. i know you will serve missions some day. mom and dad. It is all about teaching them the doctrine. i love this place. the plan now is i will spend 7 more weeks on the mission. one week on every island and the last week in puerto rico. i love teaching the gospel to people. i now that this is where god wants me to be. i hope all of you are well. SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! yeah that was me preaching. but seriously do it. just keep on being a good example and be happy. well. hasta la vista baby.

elder scroggins


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