Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear Family,
Well how do i tell you this? I had a couple of options. I was just going to go use my crdit card a couple of different places so mom got a call from wells fargo. or maybe i could have to look up the FBI's top 10 most dangerous place list of 2011 at number 7. or  i could just tell you. Me and Elder smoot got moved to a new area
President Alvarado gave us a call last Sunday and told us to pack. I already had but Smoot packed his bags and we got told we needed to be in the mission office at 9 the next morning. So we packed. President then called us the next morning to tell us where we were going. Flight left at 11. Small 8 person plane. 45 minute ride. to st thomas. Spanish. English. French? so i got ot learn me a little bit of that now.Got a sweet view of the harbor. all these cruise ships every day. blue waters. talking bout Jesus Christ and the Book of mormon everyday. i love it.
I can only count to ten in french and say hello my name is... but i will be asking everyone in the street for some french because almost everyone here speaks french, criole, spanish and english. and then some crazy island dialect. it is great. got people form perisa, iran, couple of muslim moscs. i love the islands. thanks for your love and support and letting me got to Catalina scout camp when i was younger. and that cruise was sick too.
i love you all. january is so nice here. no cold at all. just a little ocean breeze in the morning.
love elder scroggins

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transfer to ????

presdient called last night and came over to the house to visit. ......... he also let me know that i would not be staying in aguas buenas for another transfer. elder smoot is going to train another missionary so i am am going to move to another area. he wasn't super clear but told me to pack my bags. and get ready to leave today or tomorrow. so we will see. got my bags packed.  thanks for taking care of me.