Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bayamon Shut Down

dear family,
its that time again. another wednesday/transfers in the books. i once again moved areas. president shut bayamon down. there wont be missionaries there for a while he says. said that they are not ready and we need to focus else where. i have not met my new companion yet. i know he is a spanish speaker form the dominican republic and has two less transfers than i have. so that should be interesting. finally a senor companion. haha but i am also in the north west corner called aguadillas. also in rincon and other cities in the area. there are 6 of us missionaries working this area. and it should be good i hope. it is a big tourist city becasue "crashboat" beach is right down the street so president told me to avoid the templation and to baptize families.
my last area was hard. but i hope that i learned what God wanted me to learn and i did what he wants me to do. ready or not here i go. just got to go by the spirit and do what you feel/know is right (d&c 8:2,3) and hmm keep on keeping on. new area and new companion so i feel like we will just be talking to everyone for the next couple days becasue we dont have any investigators or know where the members live. just got to "forget myself and go to work" not a ton of time to email today but i love you all. i live 3 hours away form the mission office with traffic so a bit farther than my last area. thanks for the package. i got one from grandma and grandpa scroggins too. thanks for all you all do for me. read ponder pray. dont grow up too fast. cant believe andrew wrote that stuff on my card. made me cry... almost. i havent cried in years. anywho i love you all and make it a great week. love,
elder scroggins