Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 weeks to go

dear family.

reading in the scriptures this week in leviticus 8:6-8 i learned that we need to wash ourselves, get rid of all ungodliness and then we can put the breastplate on. the breastplate of righteousness as the scripture in D&C talk about and only after that can we receive revelation. we need to be washed with righteousness and then we get the urim and thumin. the right to revelation.

happy birthday to me!!!!!! i love you all. thanks for all the love and support. hope that jon straightens up my room before he leaves... joking around with some members here he told us that one of the biggest blessings he received from his son being out on a mission is more space in the house. i am in st kitts right now. i am not sure what i am doing for the rest of the mission. president has speculated sending me back to puerto rico but so far nothing. hope i can still speak spanish at home. i love you all thanks for the support. keep on having fun in life because i have found out that if i didn't enjoy the mission then i probably wont enjoy life at home either. but i love life here. so hopefully i will enjoy it at home.

love elder scroggins

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