Monday, September 17, 2012

Hurricane Issac - August 27, 2012

so yeah hurricane issac was all talk no action. except for the talk delayed our flight to antigua but now all is well. we are out here teaching people just trying to keep these little braches afloat. antigua is probably the strongest of the 6 island branches we have. they have youth and seminary and insittute so it sweert to see all these people participating in the lords living church. they have fireball testimonies of the book of mormon. i love it. i head to dominica on wednesday. Hope the flight is not cancelled becasue of another storm. happy birthday to all that have birthdays this week or tomorrow and aug 31. feliz cuplianos. i love you all. i hope you keep on keeping. on. with a smile on.

some of the struggles i am having now is how to have district meeting with 6 different companionships that are 300 miles away form each other. probably going to be skype but shoot that is a long time on the computer.

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