Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Only A Few Months Left....Random Thoughts

*The mission is good. only a few more months left.
*I am not very good about sending pictures to you all but I do like getting them. The missoin is good. I am learning to play the piano. My goal for the end of this missoin is to play the piano at my homecoming and have mom cry because Brian finally learned how to play the piano.
*We found 3 yards of fabric in the Sisters apartment that we were moving out so I took it home and made a tie out of it. I didn't want to waste a ton of my time making this tie so i didn't sew it...I juts used ducttape on the back. It is a solid looking tie! 
*My companion was sick yesterday so I stayed home and wrote lettters to all the friends on missions. That made me think where has the time gone? Well used, but it went fast. 

*I miss Facebook.
*learn the doctrine. live the doctrine. be the doctrine.
God be with you til we meet again.