Saturday, March 26, 2011

FUN TIMES! Work hard.....Play hard

Bonding is Important

Feeling a little insecure?
Beautiful place to be!
 Brotherly Love
 This is what is in the garages of the homes in Puerto Rico.  Never judge a "book" by it's cover.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Week

So first off my companion shared the scripture 3 Nephi 3:7 for a spiritual thought with an investigator instead of 1 Nephi 3:7. How are things back on the farm? This week has been good, nothing too exciting. We had dinner last night with the family that lives below us. We live in an upstairs apartment. This family has children of the ages of 11 10 and 9. The 11 year old loves sports and is way cool. While we were having dinner I was playing Pokemon with him and just having fun. When dinner ended his mom said he was sick and needed a blessing. She let him choose. I was thinking .... he chose me to give the blessing because his father is not baptized yet. I gave the blessing and it was alsmost like I had a script in front of me. I gave the blessing in English because the family spoke both.   The power of the spirit is real, because I knew exactly what to say.  I love that feeling.  Pray always! Don't let time fly by too fast.  

Now is the time of the week I present Elder Scroggins random thoughts of the WEEK!!
1. dad, run for political office in 2012 so i can help you out when i get back. even though it will only be for a couple of weeks. 
2. those clown valentines cards we made when we lived at the shop
3. that hand held video game with hercules dont know if anyone else remembers
4. i need a scripture case for my spanish scriptures. maybe out of skunk fur. also need a journal.
5. get adrian tomayo to write me. haah thanks mom
6. i heard the air bud theme song and for some reason i started to cry. not cry...tear up. thanks for the endless movies you bought us.
7. maybe send the p90x work out. not all of it, just the abs or all of it -  no importa para me
8. i miss falilng asleep on the couch at night cold with a blanket watching sports center.
9. only two thing make me trunky- thought of the family and sports. i love you guys that's why i am out here
10. the fact that me and all the youth my age would play smear the quere at cub scouts. played that with abe and kody and luke... fun stuff. such an inappropriate name for the game
11. dad should buy a dolorian
12. want to watch sum of all fears in 18 months
13. thanks for everything and i hope you all are doing great and are STOKED FOR CONFERNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011




Con Amor

Today was transfers and I am in a new area and have a new companion, Elder Perry from Utah. I miss my old companion, Elder Wardell.  Guess you don’t know what you have until it is gone. 
We are getting a new schedule to help us be able to contact more families. We wake up at 5:30 to exercise.  Leave the house at 7 to go work.  Come back around 10 and have personal study, comp study, language study, lunch and get this  --  because we are waking up early we get to take nap time from 2-3!!! President said so!!! hahah We are teaching a Dominican family.  There are 5 people: dad, mom and three children. pretty cool people. right now they are our only concrete investigators. they are reading the book of Mormon and are hopefully coming to church this next Sunday. (they siad they would this past sunday and didn’t) Dominicans are really humble but not very reliable. not saying that in a bad way, just an honest way. We also helped a man fix his fishing net. kept on making references to "fishers of men" for like an hour. Other than that, just working on my tan line from my watch

The people in Puerto Rico live simple, happy lives. All the houses are square concrete huts but they have what makes them happy inside their houses…... ps3's, lambos, food, and their family. We contacted a run down shack that had a hummer in the driveway, lambo in the garage and a jag just sitting outside. crazy kids! I always ask people in my contacts what the purpose of this life is. Why are we here on the earth. Adam fell that men(us) might be. so we are here because of Adam,  and men are here that we might have joy. So essentially do stuff that gives you joy!
One last thought before I sign off……………….i got bit by 1000 ants when I was cutting this lady's yard the other day.

Con amor,
Elder Scroggins