Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 Elders.....Disciples of Christ....Fisher's of Men.  Helping a local fisherman with his net.
 Most meals consist of Fried Meat.  We exercise each morning at 5:30a.m. to stay healthy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

go to church. live the dream and love one another

Greetings All,

Not a ton of items are happening this week. People in Puerto Rico live simple happy lives. All the houses are square concrete huts but they have what makes them happy inside thier houses. ie:  ps3's, lambos, food, and thier family. We contacted a run down shack that had a hummer in the driveway, lambo in the garage and a jag just sitting outside. Crazy kids! I always ask people in my contacts what the purpose of this life is?  Why are we here on the Earth. Adam fell that men(us) might be. So we are here because of Adam, and men are here that we might have joy. Mom and Dad, I appreciate the sacrifice you made so your children can be happy and I don't know, haven't had too many children in my life, but I guess that makes you happy when we are happy and succeed just like our Father in Heaven? I love the whole family and I am here because I know I need to be. I might have done things in my life because of mom and dad but I am here now because I know I need to be here. Thanks for having an eternal family and being sealed together forever so our family can all have the benefits of temple blessings. I really didn't understand why we went to church every Sunday. I went every Tuesday because it was fun. It was right to go to church every Sunday so I did, until I gained a testimony for myself.  I love you all. Baptism= important. Gift of the Holy Ghost= important.  Need to always endure to the end. One of the many lessons I learned doing yard work, is if your going to do a job, do it right. finish it. Tell your children i love them and tell them to prepare to go on missions. i wish i would of studied my scriptures more. i wish i would of prayed more. i wish i would of been around the family more. Don't want to start crying in the computer lab so im going to throw out a funny memory ..................inside joke.................................
Take care. never forget your calling in life. you have only existed for 5-50 years in this life but as God told Jeremiah. God knew use before we where in the belly and he has a purpose for us. Go to Church. Live the dream. and love one another....and don't expect the email next week to be this long.