Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 weeks to go

dear family.

reading in the scriptures this week in leviticus 8:6-8 i learned that we need to wash ourselves, get rid of all ungodliness and then we can put the breastplate on. the breastplate of righteousness as the scripture in D&C talk about and only after that can we receive revelation. we need to be washed with righteousness and then we get the urim and thumin. the right to revelation.

happy birthday to me!!!!!! i love you all. thanks for all the love and support. hope that jon straightens up my room before he leaves... joking around with some members here he told us that one of the biggest blessings he received from his son being out on a mission is more space in the house. i am in st kitts right now. i am not sure what i am doing for the rest of the mission. president has speculated sending me back to puerto rico but so far nothing. hope i can still speak spanish at home. i love you all thanks for the support. keep on having fun in life because i have found out that if i didn't enjoy the mission then i probably wont enjoy life at home either. but i love life here. so hopefully i will enjoy it at home.

love elder scroggins

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Have Fallen In Love....

I have fallen in love, but no worries, it is with the mission. The opportunity I have everyday to wear the name of Jesus Christ. I am not looking forward to the end but as I end my tenure as a full time missionary for the Lord I realize the importance and the magnitude of the title Elder. Wow. It's a crazy full time responsibility. I love being out here and in Dominica. It is hot... but no matter the circumstances it is cool to see people dressed up with a white shirt and a tie going to church. i know the preisthood is God's authority on the earth to work in the salvation of man. I love being here on the mission.

Hurricane Issac - August 27, 2012

so yeah hurricane issac was all talk no action. except for the talk delayed our flight to antigua but now all is well. we are out here teaching people just trying to keep these little braches afloat. antigua is probably the strongest of the 6 island branches we have. they have youth and seminary and insittute so it sweert to see all these people participating in the lords living church. they have fireball testimonies of the book of mormon. i love it. i head to dominica on wednesday. Hope the flight is not cancelled becasue of another storm. happy birthday to all that have birthdays this week or tomorrow and aug 31. feliz cuplianos. i love you all. i hope you keep on keeping. on. with a smile on.

some of the struggles i am having now is how to have district meeting with 6 different companionships that are 300 miles away form each other. probably going to be skype but shoot that is a long time on the computer.
dear family,

i love you all. i am here in puerto rico. it has been a tough week becasue i dont have an area. along with my zone. wqe are here til furthur notice. its mine and elder perez (my new comp) i love him. its our job to set up a =lan about how the missionaries should be on the islands. it is something like a break from the islands for a bit and me and lelder perez go island to island talking ot the senior coulples about tthe missoinary work. i know you will serve missions some day. mom and dad. It is all about teaching them the doctrine. i love this place. the plan now is i will spend 7 more weeks on the mission. one week on every island and the last week in puerto rico. i love teaching the gospel to people. i now that this is where god wants me to be. i hope all of you are well. SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! yeah that was me preaching. but seriously do it. just keep on being a good example and be happy. well. hasta la vista baby.

elder scroggins


A Regular Jet Setter

and just when we thought we knew where he might to St. Croix now.

Brian created his own greeting card.  Very talented boy.

A Ton of Ties

This week was good. Baptized Anthony and his son. He is stoked about the priesthood. He loves church. He's always late for church, also 20 min late for his baptism. but all is good. he still got baptized. also taught a bunch of people this week. learned about not judging people. sorry this email is short. i appreciate the package. and the white shirts. definitely a nice thing you guy are doing. I appricate all the tender love and care. I thank you for all you do and will do in the future. the future scares me. so much unknown. what is going to set me apart? guess that is why we just got to better ourselves everyday. I am scared to come home but I know I need to. haha I miss you all. keep me in the prayers. don't buy jon any ties. ill send him a ton. I have a ton.

love elder scroggins

tell everyone I love them.

I got to visit tortola this week. sweet deal. but the usvi's are sweeter.