Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camp is Great!

dear mom and dad,
camp is great. they just moved us again. came back to the big island of pr last week for a meeting. at the meeting they decided or we decided to change pday to monday. that is why today is monday. and i am making an email. i love you all. just here. in luquillo puerto rico. actually we live in fajardo. that is where i am making the email at. i should and can say organizing the email because essentially that is all we are doing when we are making something. not making it just organizing material. intersting stuff in the (D&C) well. it is great here. president Alvarado IS a great man. love him. love you both too. i am in luquillo. a branch of 25 people, with a family from the US visiting so normally 20 people. there are bigger wards just havent been in a ward for some time now. just got to get this show rolling. they havent had misssionaries in luquillo in 2 1/2 years. so the feild is white. got to get the members to help us do this thing. i love them already they are ready to work and that is good. so i am luckily and on the island rotation. which means one month in puerto rico one month in st thomas. this is because president wants us to be a shadow leader. help the branch, not do it for the branch. we go to the area, find investigators, teach them, and then give them to the senior couples to teach with the branch members. the church is struggling here. just looking for a couple strong future preisthood holders. we need to get grandpas and grandmas down here to be missionaries. its super fun. senior missionaires can snorkle and doo everything. (president alvarado wanted me to try and recruit them for puerto rico) haha but i do love you all. my compaion is elder arancibia from chile. he is sweet. funny kid.  Jesus the Christ is a great book. i dont understand half the word in it but it is a great book to study. also the book of mormon. mormon chapter 9. miracles. wow great stuff. would be a miracle if i got married so i hope they still happen. i love you all. thanks for the talk from president packer. and tell andrwew thanks for the in and out stickers. i will send the memory card home soonish. let me know about jons mission call. have him wait til mothers day so i can watch him open it via skype. i love you all.
i hope you are all having a great march 12th and happy birthday mom. i will get you a better present next year. i am waNTING TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY THO. YOU CAN WEAR THE honorary dreadlock rasta hat. 
i love you
love elder scroggins

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virgin Islands

view from my apartment

Remembering those who made Elder Scroggins

just at the airport. hope all is well. i love you all. the mission is great. just a lot of changes just like life i suppose. i love the lord. i know the church is true and that my heavenly father loves me just as much as he loves each and everyone one of you. i hope you are all well. the gospel really does make bad men good and good men better. 

tell all my previous leaders they are amazing; including but not limited to sanders ivies mendenhalls, justin taylor, houston benites eric humphreys, you and dad, roger pearson, cowleys, yep and everyone else williams (todd) waldrons, lowes, medinas, and i hope all is well in zion. if its not -- well make it. i love you all.

love elder scroggins

Back to Puerto Rico

this week has been good. we head out to san juan today. well not both of us. our trails split up here. i head to san juan to have meeting with president.  elder smoot heads to antigua. i wish i was him. i want to visit all lthe islands. this week i made a to do list and a to be list. to do includes but is not limited to, throwing the first pitch in a major league game, being a rm, getting married, etc. to be's include: patient, fortunate (right place right time), punctual. those kinds of things. the mission is great. got some investigators. the senor couples will do the baptizing and finish the detals of that when we head back to puerto rico. got to learn the rest of my spanish. it will be great. i love the lord/my comp/president alvarado.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Brother In Law

hey. hope all is well in the land of israel. i love you brandon. there i said it. everyone can witness it. i said it.

elder scroggins