Friday, December 23, 2011

random thoughts

This week we got some Christmas soap from this person in the ward. It looked really good. Had the green poinsetta on it and everything. It almost looked like fudge so i took a bite of it and faked my comp into thinking it was fudge so he bit it starting chewing it and it was just soap. other than that. not much this week. we went over to the rosarios house this new years to play some board games. stayed there til bout 9 then went home. woke up at midnight because of allthe fire works. they are called m80's aka quarter stick of dynamite. so wack. we didn't go outside to look at fire works because at midnight everyone with guns just start firing in the sky. all the "hiberos" (hillbillys) shooting up in the sky. last year 3 kids and a bunch of dogs died from it. crazy guys. i am sending my memory card home today. Thank you for everything. thanks for the christmas presents and thanksgiving presents. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Take Care of Each Other

dear family. you are the best
thanks for everthing.
this week was good.
i am really tired.
cool train ride.
wish i was there.
it is not too cold here.
nice bama sweaters.
teaching/ baptizing two people this week.
not the complete families but we are getting there.
we have some cool people/ families we are working with.
this guy gave up smoking all in one week.
pertty cool
im going to mail that talk for brother combs soon.
hopefully before christmas.
i love you all.
we had interviews with president his week.
we talked about 5 attributes we need to conquer in this life.
love, obidience, faith, courage, i dont remember.
elder smoot is a funny companion.
he is always laughing which is a problem during lessons 
but other than that it is pretty funny how much he laughs.
president Vinas of the seventy spoke to us today.
talked a little about the christmas devotional.
looking for angels and and looking for knowledge.
it was sweet.
those videos are sweet from the new bible website.
burn those on a dvd and send them to me!!! haha
well. merry christmas.
take care of eachother.
i love you all.
love elder scroggins

Thursday, December 15, 2011