Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Thanks

Mama and Company.
It is Thanksgivng. So thanks for everything! Rachel, Jon, Mom and Dad...thanks for the emails. Andrew, Adam and Emma. Well, lets pick it up... haha jk.   Hope all is well in the town of Vegas. I hear it's cold. Glad i'm not there. It has been a rough week this week. 

Me and my companion got two Dominicans moved into our room last week. It helps that they speak spanish beacuse we can always practice.  It is hard being in the mtc on thanksgiving. I think we are having rice and beans for dinner tonight, not the same, and my football will consist of the scores that dad and jon send me. (btw dear elder me the u of u byu score asap) but to kind of repeat what Rodney said, this is way hard and really not enjoyable sometimes.  I do it because I am grateful to the lord for everything that he has done for me. Thanks for raising me in the chruch mom and dad. Thanks for being good examples siblings. We have a lot to be grateful for. where much is given much is expected. With great power comes great responsibility. The church is true. I know it and want to tell others about it. They just teach us gospel pinciples and hope that the spanish will sink in. I taught the law of chastiy to a mock investigator last week and the Holy Ghost really will help you reacall words when you need them. I do miss you all... and college football. Only 97 weeks left. Love you all and have a very exciting black friday.

Friday, November 19, 2010


To Whom It May Concern:
This week has just flown by. zooooeeemama!!! crazy how fast things can fly by when you are just doing the same thing day after day and also crazy to think that 80 years in eternal perspective isn't even a grain of sand in the big picture but the choices we make here have eternal infiniate consequences. This week was basically the same but hey it was one of the best weeks that I have had. I am Kinda bumed that all the Haitians here in the ccm have left but it would be pointless for them to spend moe time here. They have amazing testimonies and are going to do work. After they left on Tuesday we were allowed to venture out into the real world.  We went to a wal mart but it had a different name. (siare or something like that) We got to do a little grocery shopping and a little messing around....good times. I bought some nonsense items that I will be sending home for Christmas. I didn't buy any but they had knock off ps3;'s and wii's they were called mii's and funstations. hahaha only like 20 bucks. btw how is my ps3 doing?? hope I can still own Adam when I get back home. Yesterday we went ouside for gym and played bball for a solid 50 minutes. I was so tired and sweaty, as everyone was. We came inside and due to the construction they had to turn the water off. We all were kinda disappointed we had to go to class sweaty but as we were getting ready to get ready and our teachers were complaing that they didn't want 10 stinky elders in their rooms, so we just had gym for the rest of the time the water was off. another 2 hours. 3 hours of gym really boosted the moral of the men. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!  Elder Schaffer and I get latinos in our room today. They all are in a orientation meeeting right now and we will get to meet them when they get out. Me and mi companero have been the only peope in our rooms for the past couple of weeks but the 4 people one shower thing might get interesting. we will see. Keep on living the dreaem and trying to be like Jesus. Happy birthday Rachel and to everyone that I missed birthdays for.
con amor. elder scroggins

Thursday, November 11, 2010

(no subject)

Dear Familia,

a routine day here in the compound is
630 wake up
7 breakfast
730 personal study
830 companion study
930 class
1230 lunch
130 class
4 gym
5 dinner
6 class
9 plan for manana
1030 bed
Not complaining, it is good to get into a routine. Not too many sweet stories to share with y'all. I am way bummed bama lost to LSU, guess this is thier off season?? better than byu's off season.  We just got back from service. We walked to the university and picked up trash. It wasnt bad except for the 200 degree weather with 100 percent humidity. I've been looking at a map and I didn't realize how far away the DR is. I thought it is just off the coast of Florida but I am almost in Venezuela. on our way back form the university from picking up trash a bunch of Dominicans started yelling at the Haitians in our groups. Using American curse words that were not nice. People are the same everywhere. It is just sad that everyone has to think that they are better than someone to keep themselves satisfied. i love these Haitians and love all of Gods children. I keep on trying to think (and I believe an apostle first said it) to make less of me and more room for Jesus.

I am studying in Jacob right now and a great scripture is in Jacob 4:10 - talks about just letting the will of God happen. God knows us better than we know ourselves (blows my mind to think about) so we just got to trust him. I pray to learn Spanish and it will happen because I am trusiting in God - not because of me. I am doing great here. My Spanish is horrible but hey its a little better than it was in the States. 

Guess the giants won the world series. Our district had a musical number on Sunday and it didnt turn out as bad as i thought. Over all the most exciting thing here is still the basketball. I play so much that I got these way nasty  blisters on my feet. I guess you are suppose to tape them so they go back into your feet. I taped em up but the tape was pulling on the hairs so I shaved my feet. I love you all.
Love Elder Scroggins
Tell Becky I knew the giants would win.